90-minute Ad Setup Session

What the Tech?!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the most amazing idea for your Facebook ads, if your TECH and AD SETUP is incorrect, the Facebook ads will FAIL.

And you’ll blame Zuck that Facebook ads are a total bummer (by the way Facebook ads work incredibly IF you set them up correctly).

I’ll help you setup your Facebook ad campaign from scratch so that your ad actually converts.

This session covers the technical side of Facebook ads…setting up your ads correctly, building your ad audiences, and adding your ad creative to your new ad campaign (it does not include writing or designing your ad).

A very important note: DO NOT buy this 90-minute tech session if you don’t know what kind of ad campaign you’re running and don’t have your ad creative ready to go.

During Ad Setup Session, we will technically setup your Facebook ad campaign from start to finish.

Session: $300

90-minute Security Session

Protect Your Profile + Ad Account

The number of Facebook profiles, pages and ad accounts getting hacked is skyrocketing. If your account isn’t setup for security based on Meta best practices, your Facebook is at risk (and so is the health of your business). PERIOD.

Recently, my Facebook profile got hacked and I learned a TON about EXACTLY how to protect my Facebook profile, business page and ad account for security.

During our session together, I’ll work with you to audit your ad account & profile, setup your Facebook profile & page for security, protect your Instagram with two-factor, verify your identity, and get access to live support with Meta Verified.

Please note: If you need help with recovering your profile, page or ad account, I DO NOT guarantee that you’ll get it back. However, I was able to recover my Facebook profile in one week after being completely locked out.

90-minute Session: $300

Tammy P

90-minute Creative Session

Create Your Winning Ad Creative

After running hundreds & hundreds of ad campaigns for clients, I truly know what works with creating winning ad creative.

I believe that your winning ad creative itself has greatest impact on whether your ad is successful (or not).

Together using my winning ad creative framework, we’ll craft your ad creative from scratch (or fine-tune your existing ad creative) to make sure your Facebook ads will convert like hot cakes.

How much we get done will be up to you – but I can help you create brand new ad design and new ad copy from scratch during our session together.

As time permits, you’ll learn my secret to split-testing ad creative to achieve even more success with your winning ads.

Session: $300

Details for

All Sessions

All sessions include a 90-minute 1:1 call via Zoom, and session recording, notes, and transcript sent to you within 24-48 hours after we wrap up.

Upon purchasing your session, I’ll be in touch with the days and times that I have available to hold the session. Generally speaking, I can get you in within a week, and I will always do my best to be as accommodating as possible.

You have 90 days to book your session from the time of purchase.