Facebook ADS Expert & SPEAKER.




Tammy Pereira is a marketing and advertising strategist, with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in Facebook Ads for ambitious, empire-building female entrepreneurs, coaches and done-for-you service providers. 

She left the corporate world of advertising with million-dollar budgets behind to create her full-service ad agency, helping hundreds of clients build wildly successful online businesses with Facebook advertising. Her consulting and ad services have generated results for clients including upwards of $55,000 in revenue in a single week. 

She’s been featured on stages across the US including Money Maker Live with Alyssa J Dillon. Tammy lives in Michigan with her two children and Lulu, the cutest Boston Terrier you’ll hear snoring on every Zoom call.

Want to know THE SECRET to successful Facebook Ads?




Not only do I work with incredible coaches, financial professionals and done-for-you service providers to build their online businesses using Facebook advertising, but I also built my agency using the exact methods I teach and also use with my private 1:1 clients.

Some of my favorite client results with Facebook Ads are: 

  • Bringing in $70k on live launch
  • 1,000 leads in 3 weeks for a Masterclass 
  • Funnels improving from $2.76 per lead to $0.31 per lead

Did I mention most of my clients are on a $5-$50/day budget, typically making 3x their ad spend? 

If these phenomenal female-led brands trust me to help scale their business … you can too!

If you’re ready to talk about scaling your business in 2023 with Facebook Ads that work, book a call with me today!