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I’m Tammy P & I help coaches uplevel their business through the power of Facebook Ads.

Are you ready to grow faster than you ever thought possible?

I know there are a ton of people out there teaching insane ad strategies that complicate them so much, they’ve become an impossible mountain for most business owners to attempt – let alone climb. 

When the truth is once you decide what you want to do with ads, you can do it!

You just have to understand the path up the mountain. 

And, as someone who’s in ad accounts daily for clients (and has been since 2018), I know the fastest way up this mountain. 

But, knowing you can run ads for your business and actually running them yourself are two different things. 

That’s why I’m cracking open my done-for-you business and sharing all the things that I’ve used to consistently help my clients grow and scale their businesses.

Are you are struggling to get leads & grow your audience on autopilot?


Get leads on autopilot with one-on-one and group support to create and implement the ad strategy that works for you…

…so you can confidently run and tweak your ads until they’re smoother than butter, consistently bringing in clients and cash without hiring an ads manager, graphic designer, copywriter, and tech VA.

The ad academy

OMG!! Tammy P just helped me to create an ad for my webinar. I am VERY nervous and excited at the same time! There’s no turning back now!
—Lillie Golson

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Download Your 100+ Targetable Ad Audiences

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO FIND YOUR IDEAL CLIENT WITH ADS? Ad Audiences for Coaches, Service Providers & Marketers.

A few things to consider when creating your “targetable ad” in Facebook Land: Target your ad from a specific niche or industry based on your ideal client (don’t be afraid to niche down).

You can target ad demographics by country, city, or zipcode. You can also target other demographics such as age and gender.

Test, test, test! Don’t be afraid to test 2-3 audiences over seven days to know what audiences convert the best.

Enjoy the 100+ targetable ad audience guide for:


Coaches and consultants


life coaches


health & wellness coaches


service providers

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Ads & Tutorials

3 tips to avoid spending too much money on ads

3 tips to avoid spending too much money on ads

3 Tips to Avoid Spending Too Much Money on Ads IN THIS TUTORIAL YOU WILL LEARN MY TOP TIPS FOR FACEBOOK ADS. ⁠WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH TO SPEND ON YOUR FB/IG ADS? When I was new to the online space, I thought I needed to "spend, spend, spend" in order to be successful with Facebook Ads. Absolutely...


$5-a-day Ad System

$5-a-day Ad System

This $5-a-day Ad System can work for anyone with an audience, and it doesn’t matter how small that audience is. If you are active on social media at all, then you already have an audience.


Traffic vs Conversion Ads

Traffic vs Conversion Ads

Many believe TRAFFIC is the option to choose, but a Traffic Ad will not get the results that you want if the goal is to increase an email list (and get more signups to your freebie/lead magnet). ⁣

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Tammy P has a magical quality about her & she forged a path for all of us to be in the game and grow our businesses!! She rocks!